Indian River Shores Cell Tower

Finally, after a protracted discussion, the town of Indian River Shores has agreed to build a cell tower on the municipal grounds by the fire station.  It will be ‘hidden’ as a tall tree. For those of us who live or work in Indian River Shores, improved cell service will greatly enhance the quality of life.  No more having to go outside and go through the process of ‘can you hear me now?’ It’s probably a year away, but something to look forward too.


Season is Over – visit Vero Beach

I know that Vero Beach is hot in the summer time.  It’s true.  But, I can also say that about my native Philadelphia.  Vero Beach empties in the summer and the town becomes ‘smaller and more intimate’.  A traffic ‘jam’ is three cars at a traffic light.  The restaurants operate with summer hours, usually a reduced price menu and reservations are not usually required.  It reverts to a small town atmosphere and we have a very warm, almost private beach.  Paradise all year long.

Indian River Shores Cell Tower Update

The badly needed cell tower in Indian River Shores continues to be a problem.  Anyone in the area of John’s Island is familiar with the frustration of ‘dropped calls’.  The chosen location seems to be out of the way and not interfere with homes in the area, but there are environmental concerns.