Indian River Shores License-plate cameras now alerting Shores officers

Indian River Shores is a one road town (in addition to Jungle Trail).  This may take the rating of the ‘safest town in Florida’ to a whole new level.



Florida’s Safest City – Indian River Shores

Indian River Shores, Florida’s Safest City

Waterside view on a sunny summer day in indian river shores florida.

Ranking as the safest place to live in the state of Florida and with the town council’s mission to make Indian River Shores “the most livable and best-managed town” it looks like they’re making good on their promise so far – with no reported violent crimes and only 12 property crimes for the entire year. Located along the A1A just north of Vero Beach between the Indian River Lagoon and the Ocean , Indian River Shores is one of the highest per capita locations in Florida with a median household income over $110,729 – more than double that of the national median.

Population: 4,050
Violent Crime Rates (per 1,000):0.0
Property Crime Rates (per 1,000): 3.0

License Plate Cameras in Indian River Shores

Indian River Shores – Florida’s Safest City

Indian River Shores has posted cameras on A1A.  The camera’s record the vehicle’s license plate and compare it to the crime database.  If the license plate matches a ‘wanted’ vehicle, they will be stopped by the police.  So, the combination of a full time police force and gated communities, along with screening cars that enter the town will help keep Indian River Shores as the ‘safest town’ in Florida.


Indian River Shores – Florida’s Safest City

2015 Safest Cities in Florida Study

Three of our Top 5 safest cities in Florida were located on beachfront sections of the state while the other two were only a few miles from the sandy shores. Weston was the largest town to make the list with almost 70,000 residents while Highland Beach was the smallest with just under 4,000 citizens.

1. Indian River Shores, FL

Located on the Atlantic side of the state in Central Florida and known for its pristine beaches, Indian River Shores is primarily a gated redsidential community that is home to almost 4,000 people. Like many beach towns in Florida, this number is smaller during the summer months but ramps up as the snowbirds migrate south for the winter. When it comes to living in comfort, the Indian RIver Shores community will be happy to know that their town is statistically the safest in the entire state of Florida.

  • Population: 3,978
  • Crime Score: 73